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William Bell

I’ve spent the last couple of days writing out charts for a guitar gig in Bilbao with Stax recording legend William Bell. We’ll be playing the Getxo Blues Festival on 14th July and it’ll be fantastic, he’s the real deal!


By the end of Summer, my studio should be up and running and I’ll be offering my services, productions and guitar playing.
I also plan to start work on my own album of Gypsy Jazz Xmas tunes…WATCH THIS SPACE!
Mardi Arts Music Production, Sheffielders will clock the reference! xx

Counterfeit Police

I need to dig out the Sunburst Bound Edged Custom Telecaster and stripey T Shirt for my Police Tribute band gig on Friday.
It’s been a while so I’ll be listening to the songs and sorting out effects and delay times this week.
We’re adding a keyboard player this time instead of the usual 3 piece, so I can open up the guitar parts a bit!

Getting my Bowie on again

This Sunday 22nd January I’ll be doing the Bowie tribute band again at The Ivy House, almost a year since the last one.
It’s a very eclectic gig, playing in the style of Bowie’s lead guitarists over the years, Ronson, Alomar, Slick, Fripp, Belew, Rogers and Leonard.

Dan Maitland is bandleader and he’ll sing most of the lead vocals, except Starman which I’ll sing.